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Past CLTA Conference 2013

Corporate Law - Progressive Possibilities

The ANU College of Law hosted the Corporate Law Teachers Association's annual conference in 2013 at The Australian National University in Canberra. The conference ran from Sunday 3 February to Tuesday 5 February.

In the wake of the global financial crisis, the role of corporate law, its failures and its promises, is under scrutiny. Most of the attention has focused on practical or instrumental questions, such as whether we need more or less regulation to prevent a repeat of the crisis.

The 2013 CLTA conference invited participants to focus on the broader questions and underlying assumptions about corporate law and financial markets. The conference will examine alternative visions for regulation that promote accountability, fairness and democracy. Speakers will discuss issues such as progressive critiques of corporate law, regulatory theory and human rights.

Keynote Speakers:

Keynote speakers were Professor John John Braithwaite (Australian Research Council Federation Fellow, Regulatory Institutions Network, ANU), Professor Kent Greenfield (Professor of Law & Law Fund Research Scholar, Boston College Law School) and Professor David Kinley (Chair in Human Rights Law, University of Sydney, Faculty of Law) are leading scholars with unique insights into the connections between corporate law, regulatory theory and human rights.

We will also be holding a session on the relationship between the academy and the profession which features highly respected panellists including Professor Paul Finn, jurist and former judge of the Federal Court of Australia, Ms Belinda Gibson, Deputy Chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and Mr Tony Hartnell AM, a leading practitioner and principal of Atanaskovic Hartnell Lawyers .


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